Network administrators should whitelist these domains:

Bandwidth calculation

Web application

Netmath’s main web app module weighs approximately 4 megabytes (32 megabits) and is located in the school proxy server’s cache and the browser’s cache.

If 30 students launch the app simultaneously on a 100 megabits internet connection, 10 seconds of loading time will be required. The transferred data will then be calculated as part of regular browsing.

You can simulate any app launch scenario on the Wolfram Alpha calculator: (4MB in mb * 30) / 100 mb

You can also test it with Google Chrome’s profile tools:

iPad Application

Netmath’s iPad application weighs approximately 100 megabytes (800 megabits).
It should be updated regularly to ensure that students can access all available features and activities.

Cache (Proxy) Server

A lightweight cache server is recommended. It enables the acceleration of the site when you have many concurrent users. The cache server must:
  1. Cache all static files transferred via a non-secured HTTP connection.
  2. Abide by the web site’s cache rules (without imposing its own).
  3. Not cache files transferred via a HTTPS secured connection.
  4. Not decrypt students’ sessions with a false certificate (this is a security breach that may cause problems).