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An "Activity" is where you practice your math skills. There are usually about 10 pages in an activity.


Reading the questions
You can read the question silently or press the blue arrow for audio to have the question read aloud.

Answering the questions
You may be asked to match objects, drag and reorder them, select answers or type in an answer. Once you answer, click the blue "Check answer" button or press "enter" on your keyboard.

Incorrect answers and earning 100%
We believe every student should have the opportunity to earn 100%! So anytime you miss a question, you receive immediate feedback that you can study. Then you can select "Retry this page" and a similar question to the first one will appear. You can earn a green check by answering this question correctly.

The red X is used to mark incorrect answers. Click directly on your answer and a pop-up with the correct answers will appear. Now you can compare your choices to the correct ones before retrying the problem.

You can "Retry this page" as many times as you want. You can also choose to view an example before working a problem. Just select the "Show me an example" button. 

Correct answers
When an answer is correct you will see a large green check appear in place of the "check answer" button.

When all questions on the page have been answered correctly, you will receive the notice, "This page has been completed successfully" and a green check will appear on top of the page at the top of your screen.

Advancing to the next page
Once you receive a green checked page, you can advance to the next page by clicking on the large green arrow underneath the mathematician on the screen.  You can also advance to other pages by clicking on the page number at the top of your screen.

Closing an activity
Selecting this button will give you the option to continue (in case you accidently pressed this), return to the menu, or in some cases another activity will be recommended if you want to keep working and earn more stars.

Special Teachers' Options button
Teachers have a "Teacher's options" button at the top of their screen. This button allows a teacher to