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Roster and Admin

Roster & Admin button

School Calendar

This tool allows you to setup grading periods for easier reports navigation and to setup class 
hours for the Session Lengths report.

How does grading periods work

To set up grading periods, enter the name of the grading period such as "Quarter 1" in the first field. Enter the From: start date and the To: end date.

To add another grading period such as "Quarter 2", click the Add grading period  button and repeat the steps above.

Use the red  button to delete a grading period.

When all grading periods are complete, be sure to click Save academic year button. 

In the reports, you will then be able to select your periods. For example:

How does class hours work

To set class hours, adjust the From: and To: time of the pre-configured Class hours AM and Class hours PM time period. You can edit the period title.

Click Add time period button if there are one or more interruptions in the day that would not be counted as in-class usage.  Note that From: and To: time from different time periods cannot overlap.

To delete a time period, use the red  button.

When all grading periods are complete, be sure to click Save class hours button.

In the Session Lengths reports, you will see a green In-class usage column and a blue Home usage column. A graphic will show the data with these two colors. For example:

Roster and Admin

In Roster & admin, teachers and site administrators can manage their subscriptions. This feature is only available to subscribed schools. This is where you can view your school's subscribed classes, activation codes, and the number of available seats within each class. To access it, please sign-in to Netmath with your Teacher Account and click on the Roster and Admin button from your home page.
The page also gives schools the administrative rights to move students to different classes or add and delete classes, teachers, and students without having to contact Netmath support.

Adding a Class

You will organize your available seats into different classes. This can be done any time throughout the school year. While on the Classes page of Roster & Admin, select Add a new class, enter the class information and click on Create this class. Your new class will now appear as a link under Teacher & Classes.

Adding a Student

As new students enter your classroom, it may be necessary to add them to your class. To do this, in your teacher account, click on Roster & Admin, click on your class name and take note of the student code. Give the student code to your new student and ask him/her to go on to create an account.
If the class is full, you can edit the number of student licenses by clicking on the button "Edit number of student licenses".

Adding a Teacher

A class can have more than one teacher assigned to it. To add a teacher, select the class that you would like to add the teacher to. Click on Add new teacher, enter the teachers name, and select Add new teacher. This will generate a new activation code that will appear in the class page. The new teacher can now activate their account using the new activation code. 

Removing a Student

As students leave your classroom, it may be necessary to remove them from your class. While in your specific class page, select the student(s) you would like to remove by placing a check in the box next to their name. Click the Delete selected button and those students will be removed from your class. These seats will now become available to use with other students. 

Adding One Student to Two Different Classes

When more than one teacher is working with a specific student, there may be a need for both
teachers to have access to that student's account. To do this, a student must have a separate activation code for each class. The student will log in to and activate both codes. When the student activates their first code they will create a Netmath account. When a student activates their second code they will select, I already have a Netmath account. 

Printing Activation Codes

Activation codes can be accessed and printed from Roster & Admin. While in your specific class page, select the Print activation codes link and then print. Codes that are already in use will appear with a line through them, available codes will not.

Editing a student's account

You can also edit your students accounts by click on their names while on the classes page.
By clicking on ''Password'', you are allowed to modify your students password, but you cannot see the prior passwords. By clicking on ''Edit Account'', you can modidfy the student's first name, last name and email.

Go premium

Here you can make payments for a premium subscription.


Activating/Deactivating badges

The Badges are automatically added in Netmath. Therefore, if you don’t want to use them, you have to deactivate the feature. Here is how to do that:

1. Once you are logged in your home page, select Roster & Admin;
2. Open badges options by clicking on the Badge icon;
3. Deactivate badges for a class by clicking the On/Off switch.

Awarding Badges

By clicking on the ''Award Badge'' button on the teacher home screen, you can award badges. You'll be able to see all the badges there but will only be able to send the Process Knowledge Badges. These badges cannot be obtained through any other mean than being awarded by a teacher.

To award a badge start by clicking on it. This will let you see how many students have earned the badge and actually award it to a student from one of your classes using this small interface.

*Security information
You cannot see the student's previous password.
If a teacher or parent account is compromised by a malicious user, it could mean that student accounts are also compromised.