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The Laboratory & Your Mission

Please take note that the missions are a premium feature.
Alfred Bowtie, the great inventor, was in his time traveling machine (called the MathPorter) when the mysterious Mr. Haze stole the world's math knowledge! Now Mathlantis is in shambles--there are no right angles, circumferences or diameters cannot be measured, and so on--but wait, Alfred Bowtie was safe in his time machine and did not lose his math knowledge. He plans to undo Mr. Haze's work and restore all our mathematical knowledge. You can help Dr. Bowtie by solving activities with 100% accuracy and unlocking missions to recover important mathematical artifacts. Here in the Laboratory you can learn more about your mission.

In the Mathlab, click on Alfred Bowtie to see your options.

You can then choose to:

View mission descriptions and access missions
View the mission descriptions and see which objects you have already collected by solving a mission. Collected objects and completed missions will appear in full color, while those not yet attained will remain in light gray. The mission light will also turn from red to green when completed. Click on the green arrow to advance through the various mission descriptions. 

Transport to a mission
Once you select a mission, travel back in time by clicking on the green transport machine, called the MathPorter.

Note: You will only be able to travel to the selected mission if you have solved enough activities. You may need to go back and earn more gold stars.

View Mathlantis
View a close up of Mathlantis. As you solve missions, you will restore more of the city. You can also click directly on the telescope to see Mathlantis.

Watch the video
Watching the mission video will introduce you to the Netmath storyline where you will find out why Mathlantis needs to be repaired and how you can help. The video is approximately 2.5 minutes in length.

What is a mission?
A mission is a more challenging problem solving activity that links students to math history and to the Netmath storyline. Students must solve each page in order to move to the next page. Each mission features a famous mathematician in a fictional storyline that is integrated with mathematical history. Upon completion of a mission students collect an object (such as Euclid’s lost Book of the Elements) that will help restore lost mathematical knowledge and ultimately the beauty and architecture of Mathlantis.

The current missions are The Lost Talisman, Knowledge is the Key, The Secret Rule, Mystery in the Sand of Egypt, Measure Under Pressure, Reaching the Possible.

Eventually there will be 15 missions in total to restore Mathlantis. Alfred is currently scanning the globe in attempts to locate the remaining lost artifacts. As soon as he figures out where to teleport us, a new mission will become available.