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My Account

The "My Account" button allows you to edit 
  • your personal information
  • your character
  • the background color of your home page
  • different subscriptions (if applicable)
To modify your name, email address simply highlight the existing type and type the new information in its place. Remember to click the green "Save" button.

To change your password, click on the ''Change My password'' button. Then you will see a popup which will ask for your current password and a new one. Fill in the blanks and click ''Change my password'' to get your new password up and running.

To change your character, click on "Modify"  and select the character you would like to have appear on your home page and then click "Save". (Student only)

To change the background of your home page, click on "Modify" and select the design strip you would like to have and then click "Save". (Student only)

To add a subscription, click "Add a subscription" and enter the activation code that you have been previously given. Then activate the code. This subscription will be added to the list of "My Subscriptions."