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Activate a Student's Account

Activating Codes

When you sign up for a Netmath account, we ask for your classes and the number of students enrolled. After we have created your classes, you will receive a link via email with the activation codes listed by class (one code per class). Activating these codes links the students to your account so that you can track their results and send them assignments.

Students activate their given code by going to or by clicking on ''Join a classroom'' on the main page and entering their code and requested data. This is a one time action; activated codes are not used again. All future sign-in occur on with the user’s name and personally selected password.

Once they have entered a valid class code, students will have a choice to create a new account or activate an existing account.

On iPad

Activation on iPad is different for existing accounts and new accounts.

If the student already has an account, they first need to select “Have an account” when they launch the application.

Once they have signed in, students with an existing account need to select the “Options” button on the Home page, and the “Join a Classroom” Button in the "My Account" page..

The students who are required to create an account will select the "New user" option when they launch the application.

They will be invited to enter a class code before they access the account creation form.