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Class Content Report

Class Content Report is accessed through Manage my Classes. This report shows all activity by students linked with a specific class. It is different from Track my Assignments in that it indicates all activities that students have accessed, including those that were not assigned by their teacher. This way you can see what students might be exploring on their own, but keep those specific activities that you want to follow in your Track my Assignments Folder.

The time frame can be set to Today, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Grading Periods, or School Year. The report features activity names and shows the number of students who accessed it, the average score and the average time spent. The display can be organized by clicking on any of the column titles.

Icons next to each activity's name indicate the related topic, whether it was sent as an assignment, and if it is marked as a favorite. By clicking on the option button next to an activity, you have the option to open the activity, send as an assignment, view detailed results, or add to your favorites.  

Class Content Report

From the Options button in this report, the teacher can print the page or export the data to a spreadsheet.