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Detailed Results

With Netmath’s detailed results teachers can see performance for each page of an activity or compare all the pages of an activity at once, thus providing valuable information that allows teachers to capitalize on students’ strengths and address their areas of difficulty.

Take note, the Detailed Results are not a visible button in My Classes and must be accessed via one of the options below.
  • from within any Netmath Activity
  • through the Menu
  • via the various reports in Class Reports

Accessing Detailed Results from Within an Activity

This special feature allows you to view student results alongside the pages of the activity. This way you can effectively note the types of problems where students struggled, and identify those concepts or problem types that your students best relate to. This can affect your daily instruction and help you to determine if differentiation is needed.

Results stay hidden while using your account for a class lesson, but are quickly revealed by selecting the Teacher’s options button, followed by View detailed results.

   Right away you will see a list of all your students with 1 of 4 icons next to their name.
The green check indicates that the student has correctly completed the page within a set number of tries (this accuracy level  is set by the teacher.)

The yellow triangle indicates a warning to the teacher. The student has answered the question correctly, but their multiple attempts has lowered their accuracy below that set by the teacher.

The red X indicates the student attempted the page, but never successfully completed it.

    The gray dash tells you the student has not yet attempted the page.

A quick summary reveals by icons the total number of students within a class who fall into each category.

Clicking on an individual’s name gives you the student’s accuracy for each response on the page.

As you advance through each page of the activity, you will see the results for that particular page.
To view all the pages at once, select the blue See all pages
button. This view reports the individual results for each student, while allowing you to note problems of interest when you see how the class as a whole performed. Due to the results, tomorrow you might bring up Page 3 and discuss it further with your students. Or you may realize your students really connect with the style of questions on Pages 9 and 10.

The report also gives each student’s score, their accuracy, and the amount of time it took. All three aspects can be compared to the class average at the bottom of the page.

The data in this view can be exported to a spreadsheet by selecting the Teacher’s options button and then “Export to spreadsheet”. It can also be printed physically
by selecting the Teacher’s options button and then “Print this page”.

What is Accuracy and How does it Work?

Accuracy is calculated by dividing the total number of correct responses by the total number of attempts. In the “See all pages” view, you are seeing the student’s accuracy for the entire activity. This combined with time spent can help you identify students who struggled with the questions even though they eventually may have gotten them all correct.

In the individual page view, the accuracy reported is for the selected student on that page only. An accuracy of 33% on a page with only one answer to input indicates that the student correctly responded 1 in 3 times. The student may have completed the question in any ratio equivalent to this such as 2 correct responses in 6 times. 

When multiple questions appear on a page, the accuracy is reported for each portion of the page, even though multiple blanks may occur within that portion.

You are the one who knows what your students have been studying and when a concept is likely being seen for the first time or whether it is a review topic. So we let you manage the accuracy settings which by default begins at 50%.

While in the See all pages view, the Teacher’s Options button allows access to change accuracy settings. If you set the accuracy to 100%, any student who does not answer all the questions on a page correctly the first time will be flagged with the yellow exclamation icon. 

In contrast, an accuracy setting of 0% will only not show any warning signs, other than the red X or gray dash indicating the student never correctly answered. For students who need multiple attempts or for the resource teacher who only wants to see when it took a student more than 2 attempts, the accuracy can be set between 0 and 50%.

Accessing Detailed Results from other Locations Outside the Activity

Accessing Detailed results from Track My Assignments or from the Class Reports of your teacher management page allows you to quickly view results without having to open each activity. Just use the Options button next to the activity name in each report. After seeing the results you can then determine whether you need to access the questions or view individual student accuracies for a specific page.

In the Menu, click on any activity title and then select ''View detailed'' results wich appears inside the ''Options'' button.