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Motivate your Students

Motivating your students depends on whether your students are familiar with the system. Make sure you did an overview in class (Get help with the Teacher's Quick Start Guide) and that all your students have activated their accounts.

Quickly go over the missions and the story.
Explain the story line or discuss the video after viewing it as a class. How long do your students think it will take to restore BuzzCity? Who will be the first to restore a part of the city?

Use BuzzMath Missions to introduce math history. 
Each fictional story is based in math history. Split students into groups to research each of the different mathematicians featured in each of the missions. Each week a different group can report on their featured mathematician, giving facts and sharing with the class the math strand where their mathematician appears and why he or she is associated with that  strand. This will make students aware of the characters that appear on their practice pages. They are all actually famous mathematicians!

Use the Send an Assignment or Message to get students started and working.
To direct students and get them going, send a message such as " Complete one document in the Geometry strand" or send a specific assignment title from the Menu. Students will receive a message upon their next log in and see the assignment waiting on their home page.

Encourage students to Explore.
For students next journal assignment have them choose a document that has not been assigned. State the title of the document and summarize the math it covered, then record one problem you liked and why, or one that you did not understand. Later use their comments as starters to class discussions.

In-class contest and challenges (Using the Class Report)
Challenges might be set  by stars, practice time, accuracy, or completion time. use the Class Report to determine who has earned a star in every strand, kept their average accuracy above 50%, or earned the greatest number of total stars. Challenges might be between classes or by teams within a class, with high scoring teams posted on a bulletin board. 
View the report by Student or by Content to get ideas about challenges you might introduce. After a few, ask students what the week's challenge should be.