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Session Lengths

The View Session Lengths report allows teachers to quickly see Netmath usage for a group of students.

How to get there
When signed in, access it by navigating the interface:
Home › Class Reports › Session lengths

You can also use this link:
How can I see my student's session lengths?
First, select your group. For example:

Second, select the period. For example:

Using the graph
You will see a green In-class usage column and a blue Home usage column. A graphic will show the data with these two colors. For example, here we have the last 14 days of students usage:

Here we can see a grading period:

Here we can see a school year:

You can explore the graph by putting your mouse over it. Here we have a total of 14 hours of usage for a group named "Demo Class 1" on May 17. You can also compare Total, In-class usage and Home usage:

Using the table
In the table below the graph, usage is broken down by individual student. You can click on a student to access it's Individual Student Report.

Sorting data
Click on any column heading to sort the data, such as the alphabetical order of the Student's name column, Session duration/Number of sessions column, In-class usage column, and Home usage column. A second click on a column will change the order from least to greatest or greatest to least.
  • When you sort the Student's name column, it is ordered by family name
  • When you sort the Session duration/Number of sessions column, it is ordered by session duration
Important limitation
  • If students work in group of two in the same account, you may see some students with less usage while in fact they were using another student's account.
  • The system records the meaningful activity of a student. In technical terms, this translates to activities that contacts the server, such as asking for the correction of a problem or accessing a page.
  • The system will logout users after 20 minutes of inactivity and will not count these minutes as usage.