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Track Assignments

Start by accessing
Track assignments through the Manage my classes button on your home page.

Use the drop down menus at the top of the page to select an entire class or view progress by an individual student in that class.

Before accessing data results, set your expectations for the assignment by clicking on the green bar in the upper right and selecting the performance you want to monitor. The assignment tags related to an activity will turn green if expectations are met, remain red if not, and stay grey if not yet attempted by students.

To see data for assignments sent on particular dates, click on the assignment tags located on the horizontal bar. Assignments are grouped by date assigned. Each activity name will appear in a table below with data for the class or the individual chosen.

In the class view you will see how many students received the assignment and the number of those who have attempted it. This will be relevant in reading the average class score, average accuracy and average time spent. All averages are computed as a mean score. The accuracy columns allows you as a teacher to be able to see whether students are attaining scores through single or multiple attempts of the problems in an activity.

Switching to an individual student, you will now see the student’s results in comparison to the class average, however, the accuracy will report the number of questions answered correctly by the individual out of the number of times the student tried the questions. Likewise the time will be the student’s actual time spent in the activity.

You can explore more by clicking on the options button in the table and passing your cursor over the column headings. Use the information to guide conversations with your students about the concepts assigned, and thus plan your upcoming instruction based on their needs. Remember too that you can project specific pages students found interesting (or difficult) on an interactive board or large screen, and use these pages during lessons.