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My Family (Parents)

The Netmath Family Edition is a great way to practice math at home during the school year or over the summer break. The Family account provides families the opportunity to use Netmath at home when a student is not enrolled through a school program. It includes access for one parent account and up to 4 children for a single monthly fee or a full year fee.

In a family account, parents are able to create accounts for each child and follow each child's progress via our Individual reports.

Students get full access to all the middle school content and get the same detailed feedback, examples, and motivating star system as school subscribers.
Parent Home Page
Upon signing in, parents are directed to their home page, where they can
  • open the middle school book and view the Menu and open activities
  • see a report of family activity over the past 14 days
  • access activities that have been marked as favorites
  • enter the Laboratory to check on the different missions
  • follow your family members' progress through My Family
  • view messages
  • make adjustments to passwords, background colors, and email addresses in My Account
Manage my Family
The "Manage My Family" button is where parents can manage their family's subscription.  It is where they can change their child's password. Also, it is where they can add and/or remove a child.

It allows you to edit your account and change your billing information. There are no contracts to sign in Netmath.

Child Reports
In "Child Reports" parents can view "Individual child reports" to see details of which activities your child has opened and their completion of each one, along with time spent on Netmath.

Messages can be sent to motivate your child to complete certain activities or earn a set number of stars during the week.

Student Home Page
The home page is where the student begins upon sign in. 

Start your practice
Click "open this book" and select activities for practice from our extensive Menu. Once in the Menu, students can mark activities as their favorites for easy access at a later date. The marked favorites appear on the student home page and can be opened by clicking on the activity name.

The Laboratory
To explore the Laboratory where Alfred shows you a view of Mathlantis, his famous time transport machine (The MathPorter) and a description of all the missions you can work to unlock, click on the "Laboratory" button.

Your Progress
You can follow your own progress as you earn stars by completing 100% of an activity correctly. The chart on your home page advances to the right in each strand as you earn more stars. You can also read the number of activities completed out of the total available.

You can get even more information through the "My Portfolio" button. Here you will see all activities you have attempted, even if 100% has not yet been earned. You can also track the amount of time you've spent working in Netmath each day.

Read Messages
Check for messages from your parent, through the "Messages" button. You might find notes about your assignments for the week, or words of encouragement!

Manage your Password and Home Page Design
Choose a character for your home page, change the background color, or reset your password all in "My Account".