Welcome to Netmath where you will practice your math skills and learn about some famous mathematicians of the past.

Opening an Activity

Using the Menu

As a student you can open and explore any math topic you want by opening the activity with the steps listed below.

1) From your homepage select the book that you would like to work in and then open the book.    

2) Click on one of the main topics.

3) Choose an activity. Click on it to view the pages of the activity. If you like what you see, click "open" and get practicing!

Opening Assignments from My Teacher
Sometimes your teacher will send you an assignment. This assignment will appear here on your homepage. Just click on the name of the activity to open it. 

Open a document

Working in an Activity
Reading the questions
You can read the question silently or press the blue Speaker for audio to have the question read to you aloud. The sentence being read is highlighted in yellow.

Reading the questions
Check Answer Button
There are lots of different types of answers in Netmath. You might have to match objects, drag and reorder them, select answers or type in an answer.

Once you answer, click the blue "Check answer" button or press "enter" on your keyboard.

Retry Button and earning 100%

We believe every student should have the opportunity to earn 100%! So anytime you miss a question, you receive immediate feedback that you can study. Then you can select "Retry this page" and a similar question to the first one will appear. You can earn a green check by answering this question correctly.
Retry this page

You can "retry this page" as many times as you want. You can also choose to view an example before working a problem. Just select the "Show me an example" button.
*This is a premium feature
See an example

Green Checks = Correct Answer

When an answer is correct you will see a large green check appear in place of the "check answer" button.

When all questions on the page have been answered correctly, you will receive the notice, "This page has been completed successfully" and a green check will appear on top of the page at the top of your screen.

Using the Calculator

In the top bar of your screen, you will see a calculator icon that opens a calculator. The calculator pop-up can be moved to any position on the screen by clicking and dragging it.

If the calculator icon is light gray that means this is a page that requires you to use your brainpower. The calculator will not open.

Green arrow

Advancing to the Next Page

Once you receive a green checked page, you can advance to the next page by clicking on the large green arrow underneath the mathematician on the screen.  

You can also advance to other pages by clicking on the page number at the top of your screen.

Change page

Closing an activity

Selecting this button will give you the option to continue (in case you accidentally pressed this), return to the Menu, or in some cases another activity will be recommended if you want to keep working and earn more stars.

Following my Progress
What are stars and how do I earn them?
Every time you answer all the questions in an acitvity correctly, you earn a gold star. Remember, you can retry a problem or get help from the
Show Me an Example button. This way you can rework missed problems and earn that full star! The gold stars add up to unlock special Mission challenges.

Reading My Progress Chart on Home Page
The “My Progress" keeps track of the number of stars you have in each of the main topics.
Progression pod

Each progress bar will appear once you have successfully completed one activity within that topic. The stars will advance to the right as you complete more activities with 100%. For each topic, the fraction at the right shows the total number of activities out of all that you have completed.
The “My Portfolio” Button
Click the “My Portfolio” button on your home page.


The gold star means you earned 100%.  If you have some activities without gold stars, click on the activity name in the table and retry any pages that do not have a green check on them.

The Laboratory, Mathlantis, and Your Missions

Are you ready to go back in time and learn about the history of math while helping Dr. Alfred Bowtie?

The Story

Alfred Bowtie, the great inventor, was in his time traveling machine (called the MathPorter) when the mysterious Mr. Haze stole the world's math knowledge! Now Mathlantis is in shambles. There are no right angles, circumferences, or diameters to be measured. Amazingly, Alfred Bowtie was safe in his time machine and did not lose his math knowledge. He plans to undo Mr. Haze's work and restore all of our mathematical knowledge. You can help Dr. Bowtie by solving activities with 100% accuracy and unlocking missions to recover important mathematical artifacts. Here in the Laboratory you can learn more about your mission.

Get into Laboratory

Click on the Laboratory button on your home page to enter the lab.


Once in the Laboratory, click on Alfred Bowtie to see your options.

Your options
You can then choose to:

  • View missions
  • View Mathlantis through the telescope
  • Watch the mission briefing video

View mission descriptions and access missions

View the mission descriptions and see which objects you have already collected by solving a mission. Collected objects and completed missions will appear in full color, while those not yet attained will remain in light gray. The mission light will also turn from red to green when completed. Click on the green arrow to advance through the various mission descriptions. 
*This is a premium feature

Transport to a Mission

Once you select a mission, travel back in time by clicking on the green transport machine, called the MathPorter.

Note: You will only be able to travel to the selected mission if you have solved enough activities within that strand. You may need to go back and earn more gold stars.

Once you select a mission, travel back in time by clicking on the green transport machine, called the MathPorter.

Note: You will only be able to travel to the selected mission if you have solved enough activities within that strand. You may need to go back and earn more gold stars.

View Mathlantis
View a close up of Mathlantis. As you solve missions, you will restore more of the city. You can also click directly on the telescope to see Mathlantis.

Watch the video
Watching the mission video will introduce you to the Laboratory storyline where you will find out why Mathlantis needs to be repaired and how you can help. The video is approximately 2.5 minutes in length.

What is in a mission?
A mission is a more challenging problem solving activity that the Netmath story line to teach you about some math history. You must solve each page in order to move to the next page. When you complete a mission you collect an object (such as Euclid’s lost Book I of the Elements) that will help restore lost mathematical knowledge and ultimately the beauty and architecture of Mathlantis.

The current missions are The Lost Talisman, Knowledge is the Key, The Secret Rule, Mystery in the Sand of Egypt, Measure Under Pressure, Reaching the Possible. In each of the five strands of the Menu, you will find at least one mission.

See your Collected Objects
The objects you collected will show up in color next to the big workstation dashboard in the lab. Just click on the board and select the missions you have solved. If an object is gray it means you have not yet solved the mission.

Other Features on my Home Page
My Favorites
If you really like an activity and want to use it again to practice your skills, mark it as a favorite. In Netmath you can go back and redo activities you have already done.

To mark a favorite, go the Menu, set your cursor over an activity name. In the pop-up that shows up, choose the heart icon that says “Add to my Favorites”.

My Account
My Account

This button on your home page allows you to edit
    • your personal information
    • your character
    • the background color of your home page
To modify your name, email address, or password simply highlight the existing type and type the new information in its place. Remember to click the green "Save my information" button. 
To change the background of your home page, click on the design strip you would like to have.

To change your avatar, click on "Modify"  and select the character you would like to have appear on your home page.