Student's Quick Start Guide (iPad)


Buzzmath can be easily accessed on mobile devices by new and existing users. Students can activate a new class subscription directly from their mobile device.

For those students that have previously activated their accounts through the website, they will simply be able to download the app onto their mobile device and log in with their existing username and password.

Home Screen

Once you have created an account and logged in with your username and password you will be brought to your home screen. From this screen you can view your avatar, how many gold stars you have received and how many hours of practice you have completed. You will also be notified if your teacher has sent you a new assignment.

Start Practice

Select Start Practice to access the Menu. If you have activated your classroom code you will have access to all activities. If you have not yet received or activated a classroom code you will have access to complete the featured activities.


To change your avatar or background select the Options button from your home screen.


Select Curriculum

When you first log in to the BuzzMath App you will be asked to select your curriculum. This will be the grade level book that you use most often. You will continue to have access to all other books. To switch your book at any time, select your curriculum at the top of the Menu page.

Featured Activities

There are 5 featured activities per book, with a total of 15. Completing these can give you a good overview of what lies inside Buzzmath.

To access these activities:

1. Log into your account.

2. Select Start Practice.

3. Select Featured Activities.

Inside an Activity

Activities in Buzzmath typically consist of approximately 10 pages that can be completed in any order. All of the variables in the activities are dynamic, allowing students to retry missed problems with different values.

Selecting a page

There are page icons located at the top of the screen. When you are on a specific page the icon will be slightly raised and the number will no longer be gray. To select another page to complete, you can choose to select the page icon of the page you would like to go to or use the arrow buttons at the top right of your screen until you arrive at that page.

Check Answer

Once a question has been answered, the student may select Check answer to get instant feedback on his response. If he is correct, he will receive a green check and an option to see a detailed solution. If he is incorrect a detailed solution will automatically appear and the student will have the option to retry the page.

Retry this page

Once a student answers a question, a Retry this page button will appear on the screen. By selecting this button the page will be regenerated with different variables and the student will be able to attempt the page again.

Show me an Example

The Example button, located at the bottom of the page, allows students to see a detailed explanation of how to solve a similar problem to the one that they are attempting. Once they have viewed the example, they simply select Hide current example and answer the question.

*This is a premium feature


By selecting the Menu button, you will have the option to go back to the menu, continue the activity you were working on or open the next activity. By selecting go back to the menu you will be brought to the subtopic screen from where you selected your topic. To get back to the main topics menu select the arrow button at the top left of the screen. Selecting the arrow again will bring you back to your log in page.