The difference between the old “Accuracy” and the new “Results Panel”

Detailed Table of Results

  • Originally, the accuracy rate was created to reflect the student’s understanding of a page or an activity. It was calculated like this:

    • Number of correct answers / Number of attempts

  • Too often, accuracy was considered to be a grade. Consider this case:

    • A student answered the first 9 pages of an activity correctly on the first try. On the 10th and final page, it took the student 15 attempts to answer correctly. This means that the student’s accuracy was:

      • 9 correct answers / 24 attempts = 37.5%

  • This percentage does not reflect the student’s general understanding of the activity at all, and gives the teacher the wrong impression.

  • The same detailed results table also listed a completion rate. This rate could display results like 73% because it counted the a), b), and c) in each question as completely separate pages. This made it difficult to know exactly how far the student had progressed through the 10 pages they were assigned.

  • The detailed table of results was also very limiting because it only showed the least successfully-completed page of the activity. There was no other solution than to go consult the page and see what essential piece of information or essential step in the process the student was getting stuck on, and where a teacher should focus their efforts.

  • However, it did allow the teacher to:

  • stop homework checking and correcting

  • target the questions that were causing the most issues for the student(s)

The Results Panel

  • The Results Panel is more specific. It makes it possible to: 

    • consult the average attempts per page by a student and more quickly target pages that were less successful or skipped

    • check the student’s persistence by indicating the number of attempts per page

    • offer the teacher a clear view of how much of an activity was completed by their students, such as: 7 / 10 pages completed

    • quickly consult each of the pages in an activity by making it appear directly below the Results Panel