What are Badges?

* Badges are currently available on Buzzmath.com but can't be collected from the iPad version.

Students can now earn badges upon completion of certain sets of activities. Badges are a visual representation of a student's accomplishments that can be displayed in their portfolio. Each earned badge represents a student’s effort, persistence, and achievement in the learning process. A student’s collection of badges will provide a clear picture of their personal mathematical knowledge and understanding of middle school math based on the requirements of the Common Core Standards.

You can see the full list of badges on buzzmath.com/badges
Content Badges

Types of Badges

Students can earn three types of badges based on three components of mathematical competencies; content knowledge, process knowledge, and achievement.

Content knowledge badges
Content Badges

Content badges provide a comprehensive view of your student’s progress and accomplishments relating to the Common Core Math Standards. Content badges are automatically awarded as students successfully complete a series of practice activities and one culminating activity relating to a specific concept. 

Credentials are listed for each badge, including the standard(s) it represents. In each topic, a progression bar will show them how far they are from unlocking the next Challenge activity. These new Challenge activities let students consolidate their learning by focusing on the important understanding, knowledge and skills presented in the CCSS. These badges are able to be pushed to a student’s Mozilla Backpack, which provides a comprehensive view of a students’ accomplishments. 

Challenge bar

Process knowledge badges
Process Knowledge Badges

Badges for process knowledge highlight a student's positive behavior that leads to mathematical success such as problem solving, reasoning and proof, mathematical communication, and ability to make connections and representations. Teachers can now send process knowledge badges using the button "Reward a Badge" on their home screen or by opening any Process Knowledge badge.

Achievement badges

Achievement Badges

Achievement badges are automatically awarded for reaching goals such as improved accuracy and quantity of activities completed. These badges are automatically awarded through the BuzzMath system and are displayed inside. 

New "My Badges" section in the Portfolio

Students now have a “My Badges” section in their portfolio. Teachers can access this section by opening a student's individual report. To access a badge's criteria page, click on a badge and select "view more details".

BuzzMath Badges

Notification panel

A new notification panel let students see and access their recent badges or open their portfolio directly.

Notification panel