What Are Stars?

Stars for Students
Gold star

Every time you answer all the questions in an activity correctly, you earn a gold star. Remember, you can click on "Retry this page" or get help from the "Show me an example" button. This way, you can rework missed problems and earn that full star! The gold stars add up to unlock special Mission challenges.

Gray star

Gray stars are deactivated gold stars. Gray stars indicate that a student has successfully completed the activity in a previous year but has yet to do so for the current school year*. To reactivate a star, a student can complete the activity during the current school year. Gray stars can be found in Student Portfolios and in activities in student accounts.

* The start and end date of the school year is determined by the School Calendar. You can edit your School Calendar on ca.netmaths.net/MySchool/Calendar in your teacher account.

Total Stars Earned
Press on the book shown at the top right corner of your screen to see the total number of stars you have earned in a specific book during the current school year.

Reading My Progress Chart on Home Page

The “My Progress" pod keeps track of the number of stars you have earned in each of the main topics within a selected book for the current school year. As you select different books, you will see your progress pod change to display the activities you have completed in that book.

Some activities are found in more than one book or in more than one topic within the same book. When you earn a star for one activity, the gold star appears in all of the books that contain that activity. For that reason, when you count the stars you see in all of the books, the total may not equal the actual number of stars you have earned.

Each progress bar will appear once you have successfully completed one activity within that topic. The stars will advance to the right as you complete more activities. For each topic, the fraction at the right shows the number of activities you have completed out of all the activities for that subject.

My Portfolio

My portfolio shows you the gold stars you have earned in each book. Select your school year's book to see all the stars earned in it. It is possible you've completed activities in other books : select the right book to see the stars in each one. The total gray stars on this report indicates all of the activities that you have completed in past school years. To reactivate these stars, you must successfully complete the activity during the current school year.

The activities are grouped into 3 sections : Activities completed (Gold stars), Activities begun but not completed (partially completed Gold stars) and Activities completed during previous school years (Gray stars).

Stars for Teachers

The Star System is intended as a source of motivation and as a reward for mathematical success. Every time students correctly answer all the pages in an activity, they earn a gold star. The gold stars add up to unlock special Mission challenges. The star system also allows teachers to easily track student progress by viewing specific reports.

Stars in Class Stars Report

The Class Stars Report views are organized by Books, each book representing a grade level. Each view allows teachers to see the total number of stars a student has earned in the entire book during the current school year, as well as in each main topic of the selected book.

Note: One Netmath Activity can be in more than one grade level book or more than one topic in the same book. Therefore, upon successful completion of that assignment, a gold star will appear in all the books or topics that contain that assignment. Adding up the stars from each of these books will not represent the total number of stars a student has earned.

Stars in Individual Student Report

The Individual Student Report in the teacher account corresponds to the Portfolio in the student account. Please examine at the Portfolio section on this page for more information.

Please note that the activities in the Individual Student Report are all the activities tried or completed by the student and not only the activities assigned by the teacher.